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Hello, Hello

Hi! New to the community. I miss Cibo Matto...*sigh*. It was the first honestly good band I ever started listening to. When I first got "Viva! La Woman", I had no direction...I was listening to (gasp!)nu-metal and (ugh)gangsta rap. After hearing the Beastie Boys "Paul's Boutique", I did some research as to find more music with off-the-wall sampling and the name Cibo Matto came up repeatedly. I went to the local record store, bought "Viva! La Woman", threw it in my CD player and was spellbound. From there, I started listening to The Boredoms, John Zorn, Automator, Arto Lindsay, JSBX, Sun Ra...Cibo Matto broadened my horizons and made me the man I am today. Okay, scrap that. They broadened my horizons and made me the effeminate 17-year old indie geek I am today. Whatever the case...hi!
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