At Oil Temp (enigma_atom) wrote in sci_fi_wasabi,
At Oil Temp

Cibo. Black Hole Sun. I tried to find what album it was on, no dice. Does anyone have an mp3?
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it's on viva la woman i believe
i could make an mp3 of it if you like
Um, I have Viva la Woman!, and it's not on there. I'm talking about their cover of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun". I believe they sang it in French. Or maybe they just did an English and French one.

But yes, an mp3 of either would be awesome.
black hole sunday?
black hole sun. soundgarden. good god man, have you never heard of them?
anyway, i know what cut you're talking about and i actually have it, just not with me at the moment. =\
don't know which album its from, but i got it off of winmx.

[ shhhh! ]
can you maybe send it to me on AOL IM or something?
it's on one of the EPs, look in and search for cibo matto, it sdhould be there. normally i'd do it all for you but i'm really hungover
Um, the EP's there, it's not available to buy.
its on the first e.p. they did i think...but yeah i have it if you want an mp3 of it.... just look at my lj and get my email addy and email me about it
i wrote you two emails about this but i dont know if youve gotten either of them.... but my aim sn is the same as my lj name so you can try to get a hold of me this way
Sorry for the major delay. I got one message, and I will look for you on AIM. Thanks again for your help:)
Do you have MSN messenger or Soulseek?